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St John's Opens for Private Prayers


CHURCHES in Marlborough are now open for private prayer. 

They are St Mary’s, Marlborough, St George’s, Preshute and our own St John the Baptist, Minal.

Social distancing signs are up to guide people. More than 200 people have taken part in online services over 12 weeks.

The doors will be wedged open and people are encouraged to leave a marker where they have sat so that others can avoid those seats, which will be cleaned at the end of the day.

"The churches are some of the oldest buildings in Marlborough and for us reopening them is part of the whole town coming back to life," said Rev Chris Smith, rector of Marlborough.






Let's Go Back in Time

While we all get used to the extraordinary quiet of our village during these challenging times, it's nice to turn the clock back and view our community as it was through these lovely old photogaphs that have been kindly passed on by Angela Fry, formerly Angela Bailey, who lived with her parents in Minal. 

It is thought that some of these belonged to the late Pat Courtman, who many of us older residents will remember well.  As Pat (or Miss Courtman to most of us!) was for many years the formidable chair of our parish council.image6


Other pictures of Old Minal



Two more pictures of our village taken before the war have been kindly sent in to the website editor.  Fascinating to see that our litle village was served by both a village shop and a post office then.

We have also received three more pictures of the village school classes from the early 60's. More information will be included in an updated village history shortly.


Home deliveries for the housebound

Milk and bread can be accessed locally for those who need to restrict their shopping for basics.  Tom Parker is providing milk and cream from his pop up shop up at the top of Greenway Road.  

While I recently stopped and chatted to the local delivery lady from Marshall's bakery in Pewsey who regularly deliver phone orders to the Minal area for their bread and cakes.  She also carries in the van a range sandwiches, hot sausage and bacon rolls!

For fruit and veg deliveries try

If anyone else has details of other tradespeople who deliver, then let us know.



Bell Ringers Wanted

Bell-RingersThe sound of our church bells is something perhaps we take for granted. Imagine no bells for Sunday services or weddings and Christmas.  And for the time being not even the joyous sound of their weekly practice which has had to be suspended.

According to a long term bell ringer, Tom Otley, "Hopefully, we will reassess future practice sessions and to refresh our recruitment campaign later in the year."

Tom Otley: 01672 516506 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Village Book Drop


 Don't forget our landmark telephone box "book drop" and library.  And which has just received a new coat of paint so that it stands proud as one of our village's key landmark. Regrettably, we all have more time than we anticipated for our leisure pursuits, including reading.   Pop in to either pick up any of the wide choice of books that other villagers have donated.  Or, if you have any books that you have possibly finished with, then donations to the library are also welcome. Obviously, make sure you maintain reasonable hygiene rulings by keeping hands well washed before and after pickups or drops.


P1010040Our Village Library

The red telephone box,  designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, was a familiar sight on the streets of the United KingdomMaltaBermuda and Gibraltar.

Despite a reduction in their numbers in recent years, the traditional British red telephone kiosk can still be seen in many places throughout the UK, including our own on the Greenways and Leaze junction.


Minal Book Club

   Please contact: Deirdre Watson on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or tel 512729 for news of as and when the next meetings will take place.






Marlborough Neighbourhood Plan


Notes of the second informal consultation regarding possible housing sites held in Minal on 9 September 2019


Informal public consultations were made during  July 2019 in Marlborough and in the parishes participating in the Neighbourhood Plan regarding the proposed approaches to be made in the Plan, and to specified sites that could be earmarked for stated community needs.    Following the Minal consultation on 24 July 2019, in which two potential sites for housing were discussed, two further sites were offered.  The Steering Group felt that this merited further consultation, so a second public session was set up on Monday 9 September, in which maps were made available showing all four sites.

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Minal Comes Second in Wiltshire's Best Kept Village Competition


Although we didn't quite make it this time, we can all be proud that our village made it to second place in the overall "Winners of Winners" section of Wiltshire's Best Kept Village Competition.  

"This is a lovely village, well away from major roads and enjoying a charming location beside the river Kennet. There are several attractive buildings and it all has a very pleasing appearance

We admired the beautiful church and a very well kept churchyard and parking area.

The childrens playground is brilliant and must be the envy of villages around Wiltshire. We also admired the cricket pitch and sports field and appreciate the effort that goes into keeping them to such a high standard.

The village hall seemed good and well kept though perhaps the exterior could do with some more upkeep

The pub looked excellent and had delightful garden

We noted a commendable absence of litter and a most adequate provision of waste bins to ensure the village is kept tidy.

There are evidently many activities taking place in the village displayed on the good website 

This is a most delightful village and we admired it greatly. If we did not give full marks it was only because the standard set by all the villages was so high."



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