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History Introduction

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Throughout its life, Minal has gone through a gamut of variations in the way that its name was spelt and pronounced, and as a village has been found in records since the early 9th century. In the Domesday book, in 1086, its spelling was Mildenhalle, but over the years the various spellings and the years that they were recorded are:-

806 - Mildanhald
1086 - Mildenhalle
1241 - Mildhale
1301 - Myldenhale
1428 - Mildenhale
1482 - Myldenhalle
1539 - Midnall
1560 - Mildenghall
1574 - Mildenhale
1657 - Milldinghall
1663 - Minhale
1675 - Middenhall
1694 - Mildenall
1699 - Middonhole
1742 - Mindinhole
1760 - Minal
1780 - Middenhal
1978 - Minal

The village of Mildenhall although spelt this way, had been pronounced Minal by the local residents for centuries. During the long standing rectorship of Rev Courtman, who retired in 1978 at the age of 94, he changed the name of the church to Minal Church, and so one can see both spellings used in the village.

PS: In 2003 another history of Minal was written by John Chandler, in his books ‘Marlborough and Eastern Wiltshire’ and ‘Devizes and Central Wiltshire’. A concise version of his history the Mildenhall Concise History, can be seen on the Wiltshire County Council website. .

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